Monday, March 16, 2009

Table Finished...Finally!

Our dining room table was in pretty bad shape. We bought it well before Abby was born. We knew that it needed some repairs, and decided that we would re-finish it instead of replacing it. We will eventually replace it, but not until the girls are older and know how to take care of things better. We decided to paint it black and put a polyurethane coating on top. We started with a "spray" polyurethene, but it wasn't working. Steve used some old poly that we had from the last furniture we refinished, but it was WAY TOO glossy. We stripped it off, and finally got it the was we wanted it. Steve's contract for the last job he had got cut (right after Valentines day), so he had a couple weeks "off", and finished it up. It was a good distraction while waiting on the phone to ring. He started a new job last Monday, and so far it is going really well. Keep us in your prayers! At any rate...the table turned out great! :)

Student of the Month

Abby got the award of Student of the Month again this year! We are so proud of her. The teachers from each class (1st-5th) pick a kid every month to be featured as the student of the month. Abby's certificate said that she was chosen because " she is a wonderful student, and I enjoy having her in my class". Written by her 2nd grade teacher. She was also invited to a special breakfast to honor the Students of the Month. Daddy was out of work at the time, and got to go with us this year. We are so proud of you, Abigail! :)

Cheer and Basketball Ends

The girls had a great season of Basketball (Abby) and cheerleading (Jillian). Jillian will be starting soccer for the spring, and Abby will be taking a break. Here are a few pictures from the ceremony at the end. Aparently Steve got called up on the stage to do some sort of funky dance. I wasn't able to attend, so you'll have to ask him about that!:)

Jillian is 6!

Well, it happened...Jillian had another birthday! I cannot believe that she is already 6! That is crazy! We went to Ted's for dinner on her actual birthday. She LOVED it. She kept asking us when they were going to come put the hat on her and sing to her. She LOVES being the center of attention! :) She had a small birthday party at home the weekend after her birthday. She had a great time with her friends and breaking the pinata (her favorite). It's hard to believe that she will be in 1st grade next year, and will be in all day school! We'll go to the Dr. for the 6 year old check up in April, and I will share her "stats" then. I'm guessing about 33 pounds, and 42 inches tall (if they measure her with shoes on). I'm hoping that she is 42 inches because then she can ride more of what she wants to ride at Disney World this summer! Happy Birthday Monkey! :)

Couples Retreat

Steve and I went on the Church's Couples Retreat on Valentine's weekend. We had so much fun! It was a great weekend away with friends. We watched the movie "fireproof". While the acting will not win any Academy Awards, the story line was great! It was an awesome weekend away from kids and good for me and Steve!

Too funny not to post!

OK, let me explain! One of the young kids were playing with these balls that Uncle Mike had in his basement, and they put the ball under their shirt. Forgive me as I can't remember which kid did it first. Then, all the adults started laughing so hard that all the kids started doing it. I'm embarrased to say it, but I think Jillian enjoyed the "new addition" the best! :)

Grandma's 80th Birthday!

We surprised my Grandma in the end of January on ther 80th birthday. Almost all of the family was there. She was totally surprised and caught off guard. It is one of the very few times that I have seen her cry. I was so glad that we could be there for her special day. It was great to be there surrounded by family! We love you Grandma Iris!


At the end of January, we had some days off of school for ice, sleet, snow. The last day was really not needed. I don't know why they closed the schools on the last day because the roads were fine. We got out and drove to a local park to go sledding. The first night we went with Daddy, and the next day we went with Leann and the boys. Mostly because Leann and I were tired of seeing the walls in our houses! I made Steve and Leann drive because I'm still chicken of bad roads. She is such a good sport! :) We had an awesome time and it wasn't even that busy!

Josh and Jill

I was watching Josh one morning before school. It's always a toss up as to how well Josh and Jillian will get along. They have an ongoing love/ hate relationship. It just so happened that they got along great this day. I was concerned when I didn't hear any noise. I came out to the living room and saw them watching TV together this way. They are so cute sometimes! :)

Car Drama

Well, as most of you know, we have the WORST luck when it comes to cars! Steve went inside a McDonalds to get some lunch, and came outside to this! He thinks that a big truck was parked across the parking lot from him (Steve was backed into his spot), and that the truck's trailer hitch went thru his front fender and when they went forward, they pulled off his front bumper. We like to think that the truck was so big that the driver didn't feel, see, or hear this impact. Regardless, we are thankful that Steve wasn't in the car this time and that no one was hurt...just the savings account! :)

Christmas Catch up

We had a great Christmas! I would tell you all about it, but since it's March, you probably would be bored. I did promise that I would post the "crafts" the girls made for their Grandparents this year, so here they are! The apron was for my Mom, and said "Mema's Angels". The towels were for Steve's parents. The girls each made a reindeer with their foot and hands, and then made the wreath together out of each of their hands. They were a big hit!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Matching Jammies

I got the girls matching jammies for Christmas morning so they will look so cute when opening their presents. They chose these gowns because they have matching doll dresses. They LOVE them, and they are so soft and warm. Steve and I had a hard time matching the girls' PJ's, so we will have coordinating ones for just us...Steve is thrilled! He LOVES matching things...NOT!!!! Oh well, he gives in every now and then. I also threw in a little "jamming" session with Daddy in their new "jammies"! :) These are the last pictures until Christmas morning. I would love to show you the cute crafts that the girls did for their grandparents, but it will have to wait until they open them on Thursday. Merry Christmas everyone!

Jillian's class party

Jillian also had a class party on Thursday. I remember 2 years ago on that day I went to Abby's party and then to Jacksons birth! It's hard to believe it's been 2 years! Anyway, Jillian had a great time. They made a little candy cane craft and then had snacks. She was glad that I came (and brought Jackson for a little while)! :)

Abby's Class Party

Abby did have a great party last Thursday, but her silly Mom remembered everything but the camera! I did sneak in and take a couple of pictures of her and her teacher after Jillian's party that afternoon. Sugar was had, and that is really all that matters!:)

Festival of Light 2008

My family (including my parents) have made it a tradition to go see the lights in Chickasha every Christmas season. We usually go earlier in the year, but it didn't work out this time. We went on the 12th, and had a great time. We always take the carraige ride thru the lights, but this year the girls got to sit up front with the driver! They were so excited! We always go in the gift shop there because they have such unique ornaments and gifts, and of course to get some hot chocolate. Then we walk down to the bridge of lights and take our picture. Daddy got some food to feed the ducks this year, and the girls loved it. While they were doing that, Papa was hanging out around the bridge and was asked if he could take a picture of a couple. He gladly did. When we got across the bridge, we heard this clapping and saw the girl crying. They had just gotten engaged! We felt so special that we helped them with their special evening, and of course Steve took their picture for them again. It was a great time this year! :)